What is PoCA?

    The Portal de Cursos Abertos - PoCA is a free and open distance learning platform available in the Moodle Online Learning Page (Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizagem Moodle). Read more in Know PoCA

    How can I enroll?

    The directions are as follows [How to enroll]

    I did not receive the verification message. What do I have to do?

    Check your spam folder; the verification might be in it. In case it is, mark it and click on “Not a spam”. Open your inbox again and follow the steps you will find in the message in order to confirm your registration. In case you do not find our message, write to contato@poca.ufscar.br.

    Hotmail, Live and Outlook domains have been blocking UFSCar e-mails. Our institution is in contact with Microsoft in order to see an end to the matter. You will need to enter another email address to PoCA’s registration for the moment. Write to contato@poca.ufscar.br.

    I want to submit a course. What do I have to do?

    If you are a professor (including visiting professor) at UFSCar or at any other higher education institution (IES), or an administrative technician, you will be able to submit courses in PoCA. Access the following link [How to submit courses]

    Forgot my password. How can I recover it?

    To recover your password, go to the home page and click on See the courses. Then click on Access on the upper right corner. Click on Forgot your username or password? and enter the required information. You will receive a password recovery e-mail. Follow the instructions.

    In up to how many courses can I enroll?

    There is no maximum number of course enrollments in PoCA.

    How are the courses organized?

    The courses are organized into learning lessons, each one with its course packs to distinct media, as well as their assignments. They are self-directed learning oriented and you make your own way, on your own time.

    Do I get a certificate for all of the courses?

    Yes, students who meet the minimum requirements will receive an extension activity certificate by UFSCar for any of the courses.

    I am a regular student from another institution. Can I enroll and submit courses?

    All our courses are open to the general public. However, courses submissions can only be done by UFSCar or other IESs professors and administrative technicians.

    Is there mentoring to the courses?

    We are not considering any mentoring to PoCA’s courses. However, assistance (e.g. mentoring) may eventually be provided by a professor to some courses. You must check on this in the courses description section available in the portal.

    I have got questions on the content of the course in which I enrolled. To whom may I speak?

    The courses are self-directed learning oriented which means that any sort of mediation and/or mentoring is contemplated. However, you will have access to the interaction forums and be able to exchange information with other students.

    Will the course packs be available even after I finish the courses?

    Yes, the course packs will be available even after you finish the courses. However, in accordance to PoCA’s terms of use, SEaD does not guarantee with the long-term availability of the packs.