How to enroll

    1. In PoCA’s home page, click on See the courses button.

    2. Create an account. Click on the Log in button, on the upper right corner. Then, click on New account.

    3. Enter precise, thorough and authentic information in all the fields that appear. The name associated with the account will be the same name used in the issuance of the certificates. Click on PoCA’s terms of use link. After scrolling through and reading the sections that interest you, click on I agree. Then, click on Create my new account. A verification message will be sent to the e-mail address previously provided.

    4. Check your e-mail account and confirm your PoCA registration. IMPORTANT: Check your spam folder. In case you do not receive the verification message, write to

    5. Once logged in PoCA, click on Next.

    6. Check on the available courses list, scrolling the bar on the right side of your screen.

    7. You can also search for the courses by their names or by using key-words. To do so, scroll down to the end of the page and you will find the Find courses field. Type in what you are looking for and click on go.

    8. After selecting a course, click on the Access button.

    9. Click on Enroll.

    10. Done! You have got access to all of the materials and activities of the course. Enjoy!

    11. By the way, do not forget to feed your profile, share information about you, and upload a display picture. To do so, you must click on the arrow by your name, on the upper right corner. In the checkbox click on Profile. A page will pop up, and you must click on Change profile. Enter the information you find pertinent and upload a picture. Then click on Update my profile.

    12. IMPORTANT: The courses offered at PoCA are open indefinitely so that participants can take them at any time, within their interest and time availability. Therefore, it is not possible to state in the certificates the start and end dates of the courses. The certificates include the name of the course, name of the participant, grade, program content, workload, and date of issue of the certificate, with the possibility of verifying authenticity by means of the code on their back.
      It is important to check whether your name is correctly spelled on your profile before generating the certificate. Once generated, we will no longer be able to change the name registered on the certificate, so, please, double check it.